Ductile Iron Fabricated Pipe

Metro-Tex offers a complete fabrication solution for ductile iron pipe and specializes in complete Pipe, Valve, and Fitting Packages for the AWWA water and wastewater treatment plant markets.

Ductile Iron Fabricated Pipe

We can fabricate pipe to meet ANSI/AWWA C115/A21.15/AWWA C606 standards.

Our pipe fabrication capabilities include cutting, grooving, threading and assembly of flanges onto pipe in nominal diameters up to 54".

Ductile iron pipes can be welded, sandblasted, lined, and finish-painted to meet a variety of needs for water, sewer, commercial, and industrial applications.  We offer all standard linings and coatings including cement, P-401, etc.

We can customize specialty appurtenances like holes, taps, bosses, welded outlets and thread-o-lets.

We fabricate pipe for water, wastewater, storage tanks, lift stations, pipelines, utilities and petrochemical applications.

Contact us today with your specific needs.  We will help you design a custom solution for your exact requirements.